How to Earn Money from Bizgurukul 2024

Today, in this article, I will explain to all of you about Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing in detail and try to cover all its aspects such as What is Bizgurukul, Bizgurukul Real or Fake, How to earn money from Bizgurukul, etc. So, if you want to get complete information about it, be sure to read this article till the end. I hope that after reading this entire article, you won’t need to go anywhere else to learn about Bizgurukul. So, let’s get straight to the point without wasting any time and understand what Bizgurukul is all about.

What is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul is an online E-Learning course where digital marketing is taught, such as how to do online personal branding, how to create your profile on social media, how to do attraction marketing, Instagram marketing, lead generation, how to earn money online, and so on. But the special thing about this course is that you can also sell it to others, and if someone buys this course through your referral, you will be given a commission. In this way, Bizgurukul also works as an affiliate marketing, meaning you can buy this course, use it yourself, and also earn money from Bizgurukul online by referring others.

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The Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Course was launched on March 24, 2020. Its Founder is Ritwiz Tiwari and Co-founder is Rohit Sharma. Besides them, several people are also contributing to the team, such as Business Mentor – Keshav Lal, Business Support Head – Kartik Dang, Chief Marketing Officer – Paras Saxena, and others.

Bizgurukul: Fake or Real

Friends, Bizgurukul is a trusted platform. Currently, it has around 200+ trainers, 500+ live training sessions, and more than 1.5 lakh people have already joined Bizgurukul. The total community earning of Bizgurukul is more than 50 crores. So, you can think for yourself that people are continuously joining it and earning from it. If it were fake, it would have been shut down by now. But it is operating legally, which is why it is still running and growing rapidly even today.

Bizgurukul Courses

Bizgurukul offers its courses in three categories:

  • Gold
  • Sapphire
  • Platinum


  • Course Price: Rs. 3499
  • Includes various courses like Digital Marketing Mastermind, Spoken English Mystery, Video Superstar, Instagram Mastermind, etc.


  • Course Price: Rs. 5999
  • Includes all courses from the Gold category and additional courses like Advance Instagram Mastermind, Facebook Ad Mastermind, YouTube Mastermind, etc.


  • Course Price: Rs. 9999
  • Includes all courses from the Gold and Sapphire categories along with some advanced courses like Master Public Speaking, Email Marketing, Copywriting Mastery, etc.

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Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Plan

Bizgurukul operates on an affiliate marketing plan where you can earn commissions by selling its courses. There are three levels of affiliate commissions:

Gold Affiliate

  • Commission for Gold course: Rs. 2000
  • Commission for Sapphire course: Rs. 2000
  • Commission for Platinum course: Rs. 2000

Sapphire/Diamond Affiliate

  • Commission for Gold course: Rs. 2000
  • Commission for Sapphire course: Rs. 4000
  • Commission for Platinum course: Rs. 4000

Platinum Affiliate

  • Commission for Gold course: Rs. 2000
  • Commission for Sapphire course: Rs. 4000
  • Commission for Platinum course: Rs. 7000

Note: After purchasing a course, you can also upgrade it later. For example, if you initially purchased a Gold category course but later want to buy a Sapphire category course, your rank will be upgraded from Gold to Sapphire.

So, If you have interest work on this and start earning good money as leads start coming in.

Benefits of Bizgurukul:

  1. It’s completely online, so you can work from home or anywhere without the need to go to an office.
  2. You can work part-time or full-time according to your preference.
  3. There are no fixed timings, so you can work whenever you want.
  4. Along with learning, you also get the opportunity to earn money.
  5. You can learn a lot about digital marketing through this course.
  6. You can build your personal branding.
  7. Learn lead generation skills.
  8. You have the opportunity to earn unlimited income because you earn commission for every sale you make.

Drawbacks of Bizgurukul:

  1. You can’t earn money without making sales. You only earn commission when you make a sale because there is no fixed salary.
  2. Since Bizgurukul is entirely online and people are not very trusting of online things, you may have to convince them to purchase the course.
  3. You need quality leads to sell these courses.
  4. You need to learn about lead generation to be able to generate leads.
  5. You need to learn online selling skills.

Is Bizgurukul a Scam or MLM?

When people start any online work, they often worry about whether it’s a fraud and if they might lose their money. If you’re also thinking the same and suspect that Bizgurukul might be a scam, let me tell you that it’s not. It’s a trusted and ISO certified course. Many people misunderstand Bizgurukul as MLM, but let me clarify that MLM involves selling products through a network, and everyone below earns income from sales. However, in Bizgurukul, you only earn income from the people you directly join or sell the course to. Others below them don’t generate income for you. It operates more like affiliate marketing, where you earn commission only when you sell the course yourself.

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Should You Join Bizgurukul? Is Bizgurukul Safe?

Bizgurukul is an affiliate marketing job where you don’t get a fixed salary. If you want to earn a fixed salary, this job is not for you. However, if you want to earn as much as you want according to your work, you can join because it offers you the opportunity to earn unlimited income. It depends on what you want. But if you join, you can only earn unlimited income if you follow the right strategy and work consistently.

How to Join Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing?

Joining Bizgurukul is very easy. You need to contact an existing member of Bizgurukul and get their referral code, which they will happily provide because it benefits them too. But make sure to join someone who can teach you about Bizgurukul and help you earn money from it. To join, visit the official website, fill in your details like name, email, mobile number, and also enter your sponsor’s referral code. Then select the course you want to purchase, make the payment, and you can join. After joining, you can start earning by selling the courses.

How to Earn Money from Bizgurukul?

To earn money from Bizgurukul, you need to sell its courses, which will earn you a commission. For selling, you need leads, which you can generate using social media, which you will be taught when you join Bizgurukul. The easiest way to earn money is by generating organic leads because when you generate organic leads, you get better conversions and sales. So focus on lead generation and make proper use of social media. If you work with the right strategy and start getting leads, you can earn a good amount of money.


Is Bizgurukul legitimate?

Yes, Bizgurukul is a legitimate platform. It is ISO certified and trusted by many individuals who have successfully completed its courses and generated income through affiliate marketing.

How much can I earn money from Bizgurukul?

Your earnings with Bizgurukul depend on various factors such as your marketing skills, effort, and the number of course sales you make. Since it offers a commission-based structure, your income potential is unlimited.

Do I need prior experience in marketing to join Bizgurukul?

No, prior experience is not required to join Bizgurukul. The courses are designed to cater to beginners as well as experienced individuals looking to enhance their digital marketing skills and earn money online.

How do I get started with Bizgurukul?

To get started with Bizgurukul, you can visit their official website and sign up for a course of your choice. Once you enroll, you will gain access to training materials and resources that will guide you through the process of learning and earning through affiliate marketing.

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