IREDA Share Price Target 2025,2026,2030,2040

Hello friends, in today’s article, we will know about the IREDA Share price target in 2025,2026,2030,2040. IREDA’s IPO opened for investment on November 20, 2023, and closed on November 23, 2023. The issue price of this IPO was between ₹30 to ₹32, and the IPO was listed on November 29, 2023.

This IPO was oversubscribed by 38.80 times, and at the time of listing, the price per share was ₹50. Consequently, investors who invested in this IPO benefited by ₹28 per share.

If you have also invested in this share and want to know about its future, its performance, and the risks involved, etc., then in today’s article, we will answer your questions and learn more about IREDA Share Price Target.

IREDA Company Overview

IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited) is a mini-ratna company that operates under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. The company works in the renewable energy sector and was established in 1987.

According to experts, this mini-ratna share could become a navratna share in the future. It has become a favorite stock among retailers and is being bought vigorously. Additionally, the company is expected to release its results for the quarter ending December, which has created optimism for growth in this share.

IREDA Share Price Target 2025

The government is currently focusing a lot on the renewable energy sector, and in the coming years, it is expected to take further significant steps. According to a report, companies associated with the renewable energy sector could see growth of over 150% in their shares by 2025, which could benefit IREDA.

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IREDA Share Price Target 2026

IREDA plays a significant role in implementing various government schemes related to renewable energy projects, such as the Prime Minister’s KUSUM scheme, AMRUT, and the National Solar Mission. Under these schemes, project developers may receive subsidized loans, technical assistance, and other support.

Considering all these factors, if we talk about the IREDA Share Price Target for 2026, the first target could be ₹275 and the second target could be ₹315.

IREDA Share Price Target 2030

IREDA recently launched a retail division to meet the growing demand for rooftop solar and other renewable energy solutions in the B2C segment. It provides loans and other financial products for installing solar panels, energy-efficient equipment, etc., in individual homes and small businesses.

IREDA’s goal is to increase the use of renewable energy in the coming years to minimize the dependence on non-renewable resources. Therefore, by 2030, the first target for this share could be ₹375 and the second target could be ₹525.

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IREDA Share Price Target 2040

IREDA has indicated that it will use the funds raised from the IPO to finance businesses related to green hydrogen, battery storage, wind energy, etc., to revolutionize the renewable energy sector. Additionally, it will use these funds to expand its business.

IREDA will also attempt to establish a new dimension in the renewable energy sector by collaborating with foreign companies. Considering these factors, if we talk about the IREDA Share Price Target for 2040, the first target could be ₹1050 and the second target could be ₹1125.

Future of IREDA Share

IREDA is a government-supported public enterprise with a strong track record in financing renewable energy projects. It has low borrowing costs and benefits as the largest green financing NBFC in India.

Additionally, the company operates in the renewable sector, which is currently being focused on by the government, which could directly benefit IREDA. Moreover, given the positive response to its IPO and the ongoing buying activity in its shares, the future of this share could also be bright.

Risks in IREDA Share

IREDA is a company that finances the renewable energy sector. The company’s debt-to-equity ratio is quite high, which could affect its business fundamentals. Additionally, IREDA currently has an NPAs, which could impact its financial position.

Furthermore, IREDA is entirely reliant on government support. If the government were to withdraw its support, IREDA could face difficulties. Competition in the sector in which IREDA operates is increasing. If IREDA wants to compete, it will need to continuously improve its business fundamentals and strengthen itself.

These were the key points regarding IREDA Share Price Target and its future prospects.

The above information is up to my knowledge, take your own risk while investing!


What is IREDA?

IREDA is the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited, a government-owned company promoting renewable energy projects since 1987.

What was the IPO issue price of IREDA?

Answer: The IPO of IREDA was issued at ₹30 to ₹32 per share, open from November 20 to November 23, 2023.

How has IREDA performed after its IPO listing?

IREDA’s IPO was oversubscribed by 38.80 times. Post-listing, share price was ₹50, yielding a profit of ₹28 per share.

What are the future targets for IREDA’s share price?

Targets vary, with projections suggesting ₹150 to ₹170 for 2024, and ₹185 to ₹250 for 2025, escalating in subsequent years.

What are the risks associated with investing in IREDA shares?

Risks include a high debt-to-equity ratio, NPAs, dependency on government policies, funding, and increasing sector competition.

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