Rupeetub review 2024: Real or fake

This era of today belongs to the internet. Millions of apps are being created on the internet, through which we can earn money by working for 1-2 hours or 20-30 minutes sitting at home! Among them, the Rupeetub app has also become a popular earning app! As soon as it came on the internet, there was a significant increase in its user base!

Because this app claims that you can earn money by watching videos on it, let’s find out how to earn money from Rupeetub, how to withdraw earned money to your account, whether Rupeetub is real or fake, etc. In this article, we will understand the entire process from opening an account in Rupeetub to withdrawing money.

What is Rupeetub? Who launched it and when?

Rupeetub is an online money-making app launched by in 2022, but until today, the founder (the one who launched it) is unknown! As soon as it arrived, a large crowd of people registered to earn money on it and started completing the tasks given by Rupeetub. Even in 2023, about 50 lakh people (according to a similar website) saw this app, meaning they registered on it! The only reason so many people registered on this app is that they don’t know the truth behind it! Which we are going to completely clarify in this article!

What do you have to do to earn money from Rupeetub?

Step 1: First of all, you have to register on Rupeetub, which is very easy. For this, you have to first search for on Google, then click on the website that comes first. Then you will be directed to the Rupeetub website!

Step 2: After that, you have to click on ‘get started now’ to register, after which you will get options to enter your name, email, and email password! After filling these, you have to click on register, through which you easily register, and you get a 250 rupees sign-up bonus.

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NOTE: We can register on Rupeetub in two ways

  • By searching Rupeetub on Google and registering on it!
  • By someone’s referral link!

How to earn money from Rupeetub?

To earn money from Rupeetub, we have to watch videos, for which we get 30 to 40 rupees for each video! These videos are 35 seconds long! As we keep watching videos, the money we get decreases, and the money we earn keeps adding to our Rupeetub account!

Can we earn more money in one day?

We can only watch 20 videos in one day, according to which we get money, and we can only earn money from 20 videos!

How many ways can we earn money from Rupeetub?

We can earn money from Rupeetub in two ways!

  • By watching videos
  • By registering friends with our link

We can tell our friends about it and send them our Rupeetub link. If they register on Rupeetub through our link, then we get 50 rupees from each referral, which easily gets added to our Rupeetub account!

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How to withdraw the money earned in Rupeetub to your account?

In Rupeetub, you can withdraw the money earned by watching videos and registering friends to your bank account through 4 types of payment apps, which are as follows,

  • Through PhonePe
  • Through Paytm
  • Through Amazon Pay
  • Through PayPal

Is Rupeetub real or fake?

I hope that the information I have given you about Rupeetub, you have understood it well, but you still do not know the dark truth behind it, which we are going to tell you in this topic!

You get money by watching videos on Rupeetub, but those money never get withdrawn to our account! Even if there is a balance of 5000, that money is not transferred to our account!

Therefore, Rupeetub is a completely fake, and completely wrong platform. These people keep making their Rupeetub platform for many days by giving people the temptation of money, which earns them good income!

They get more money on more registrations, just like the more downloads there are on an app, the more earnings there are!

Out of all the apps or money-making platforms launched in the world, 50% are Fake and 50% are real . Rupeetub is also one of those platforms that are completely Fake !

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Do not fall into the trap of such Fake apps and platforms and also inform people about it so that they do not get trapped in the trap of such platforms!


Today, in this article, we have gone into detail about a Fake app Rupeetub that wastes people’s time in the pursuit of money and does not pay later!

Please do not trust such Fake apps and platforms at all!


Is Rupeetub legit for earning money?

No, Rupeetub is considered fake and fraudulent. Users often report difficulties withdrawing earnings.

How do I sign up for Rupeetub?

Go to Rupeetub’s website or use a referral link, then provide basic details for registration.

Can I really earn money by watching Rupeetub’s videos?

Despite claims, users often don’t receive earnings, making it unreliable for making money.

How can I withdraw money from Rupeetub?

Withdrawal process is unreliable; many users face issues getting earnings transferred to their bank accounts.

Are there alternatives to Rupeetub for earning money online?

Yes, platforms like Upwork, Swagbucks, and Etsy offer legitimate ways to earn money online. It’s essential to choose trusted platforms.

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